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Dina – Profile & Filmography


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Real Name – Dina

Profession – Actress

Active Years – 1970s

Nationality – Indian

Religion – Judaism

Ethnicity – Jewish

Date of Birth – Not Known

Date of Death – Not Known

Debut FilmAhsaas (1979)

Last FilmAhsaas (1979)

Significant others in the Film IndustryRamola (Mother, Actress)


Daughter of Jewish actress Ramola, the famous star of the forties, Dina had not planned to enter films. But she was excited all the same when G. P. Sippy, looking for a suitable teenager for a new film, offered her the role. Dina went through an intense improvisation course before the shooting.

Dina was in the news much before the release of her first starrer, “Ahsaas”, a teenagers’ love story. The wide notice she had attracted, was partly because she provided some pin-up pictures in bikinis and partly because she had hot, passionate kissing scenes with her leading man in the film, Parvez.

Young actresses usually regard a ‘bold’ debut as fatal to their careers since every subsequent film requires them to be more daring. Dina, it’s said, didn’t care at that time. According to her, there wasn’t anything wrong in wearing a bikini so long as the story demanded it. She was equally casual about her kissing scenes, which she insisted were quite relevant to the script.

During the shooting of these scenes a funny incident occurred. A nervous Parvez came up to her and said he didn’t know how to do the scenes. She just asked him to go and ask the director for instructions. It was okay with her if they had to have several re-takes.

One of the scenes in the film required Dina to deliver a baby, that was the only time she felt embarrassed, because she had to do the scenes with a big tummy.

Dina was also uninhibited in her remarks about other actresses particularly the established lead­ing ladies. At that time, she revealed the usual newcomers’ bias when she remarked, “I think people are getting tired of seeing the same old Hema on the screen.”

People close to Dina tended to compare her with Dimple Kapadia in “Bobby”. They thought Dina had the same youthful looks Dimple had and should go places.

“Ahsaas” took a long time to complete, it was because G. P. Sippy suggested some changes for box-office appeal after shoot­ing and that included the addition of Shashi Kapoor and Amjad Khan in the cast of newcomers in ‘guest appearances’. Unfortunately, the film bombed at the box-office and Dina disappeared from the Hindi film scene without any trace.


Filmographies might not be 100% accurate or complete because of various reasons including artistes with similar names

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