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Dilli Sai Aaya – Ek Thi Ladki (1949) – Who sang this mystery song?


Ek Thi Ladki (1949) musical score is still popular among musical buffs especially Lata’s evergreen song Lara lappa lara lappa lai rakhda. Ek Thi Ladki music was composed by lesser known music director Vinod and songs sung by Lata, Rafi, Geeta Dutt, G.M. Durrani and Zeenat Begum. However, there was one song in this film – Dilli sai aaya bhai tengu whose singer was shrouded in mystery. For a long time no one knew who sang this song. Some people thought it was Geeta Dutt, other people put their bets on lesser known singer Meenal Wagh. However, on closer hearing, it doesn’t sound like either Geeta Dutt or Meenal Wagh.

Honey O' Brian in Ek Thi Ladki (1949) Honey O’ Brian in Ek Thi Ladki (1949)

Previously, I mentioned that this song was sung by Honey O’ Brian, the girl who lip synced it on screen. However, I was wrong! According to Arkunumar Deshmukh, an article in Listener’s Bulletin No 134 dated July 2007 mentions that Dilli sai aaya was sung by a lesser known singer –  Vinita Raghavendra Amladi. Music director Vinod gave her a chance to sing few lines in the famous larra lappa song from the same film. He liked her voice and gave her the only song left to compose for this film i.e. Dilli sai aaya.

More on singer Vinita Amladi

Vinita married Krishna Chakravarty, the pianist from the orchestra and shifted to Calcutta, where, in typical Bengali way, she became Binota Chakraborty. She sang at least 100 songs in Hindi and Bengali.

More on Honey O’ Brian

Anglo-Indian starlet Honey O’ Brian appeared in few Hindi films including Ek Thi Ladki (1949), Afsana (1951), Shokhiyan (1951), Awaara (1951) etc. According to one of the comments left by her family member on YouTube in 2010,  Honey moved to Geneva, Switzerland after the birth of her three daughters.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    The song ‘Dilli se aaya bhai tingu’ was NOT sung by Honey O’brien.
    The singer of this song was VINITA RAGHAVENDRA AMLADI.
    When Vinod her her singing,he gave her a chance to sing in the song ‘Lara Lappa’,in which she has sung few lines.After this,Vinod said,’now I have got only one song left.You sing it’
    The song was Dilli se aaya Bhai Tingu’,which became very popular in those days.
    When Vinita married the Paianist Krishna Chakrawarty from the orchestra,she shifted to Calcutta,after some time and was then as ‘BINOTA CHAKRAWARTY’
    I came accross a lenghthy article in Listener’s Bulletin No 134 dated July 2007,in which all this information is given in details.
    Vinod was right when he said that Honey ‘sang’ this song,as she sang it on the screen,but the playback singer was Vinita Amladi.

  2. “Thank u so much” is very small to say you for this post… it is one of the wonderful articles i have come across recently.. Though you always posts nice things but this post make me to thank u more.. nice info.

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