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Dilip Kumar on Madhubala’s Beauty



Madhubala’s beauty was so overpowering that in paying homage to it, people have missed out on a lot of her other attributes, of course, she was beautiful, though I don’t think hers was a perfectly chiselled face. She had a slightly accentuated nose. Though it didn’t take away from the totality of her beauty. Yes, she was beautiful in totality. As an actress, her greatest asset was her spontaneity. She’d appear casual, totally unassuming until that moment when she’d suddenly come alive, and create the right mood.

She was witty, had a sense of comedy, and was capable of expressing intense emotions. Yet, if her performance lacked consistency, it was because she needed to be saturated with the demands of the role, which seldom happened in the kind of set-ups she mostly worked in. There were too many people trying to guide her. I think Mughal-e-Azam eventually gave her the kind of impetus she needed to rise to her full stature. As it familiarized her with the subtle contours of the character thoroughly, and gave her the motivation to excel herself. And the film, I’d say, immortalized the Madhubala visage.

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  1. Hello dilip saab.

    I am amazed how you could let her go, with all the love you have for her. You both were meant for each other.

  2. thats why she died at very early age because she loved dilip saab to much why people in that era was so coward

  3. Madhubala did not have the courage to defy her father. Dilip Kumar did not have the humility to live with the knowledge that her father would always come first. They loved each other greatly but lost each other too easily.

  4. Yousef Sahib
    What makes you think that you had an attractive physique- your height was a drawback
    Infact in Mughal e Azam you appeared to be a junior artiste compared to Mumtaz Sahiba.

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