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Copperfield Hill – Robbinsdale – MN – Review – Unexpected Death of my Father


My beloved father moved to this place i.e. Copperfield Hill – Robbinsdale – Memory Care on December 13th – 2017 and within 8 days he passed away unexpectedly on December 21st -2017. We are still trying to get answers and no one is able to tell us as to what actually happened to my father on that day.

Father needed higher level of Care

It all started when my father required higher level of care as he was suffering from Advanced Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Heart and Kidney related issues etc. We contacted Copperfield Hill for a tour of the facility and one of their representatives mentioned that they had a tour opening for November 16th at 1 p.m. We toured Copperfield Hill – Memory care at that particular time and the place seemed O.k. We were shown the available room. There was also a Birthday Party going on in Memory Care dining room and we saw few smiling faces. With the glorious reviews online plus the videos on memory care on Copperfield Hill website, we were quite confident that this was the right place for my father who required higher level of care at this point.

The Day He Moved

On December 13th, AFTER we signed the lease agreement, we were taken to the room where my father was going to move. At this point we realized that we made a mistake by signing the lease as the person next door is hard on hearing and was playing extremely loud music. This also made me think as to why the tour was done at that particular time (Birthday Party), so we wouldn’t know about our father’s next door neighbor. If we would have known at that time, this would definitely factor in our decision and we would have chosen some other place.

Anyways, on the evening of December 13th, we moved our Dad to this place. The deafening sound of TV was coming from the other room and my mom talked to RN to get the volume turned down next door, which the RN did. However, the loud music was being played again in less than 5 minutes after we complained. With no other place to take to my dad at that time as we all had to work in the morning, and he had to take his meds several times during the day and required skilled care, we left with heavy hearts and I promised my dad to start looking for another place ASAP.

Last Seen Alive

December 19th was the last time, we saw our dad alive. I saw him sitting on the recliner looking very confused. I asked him few questions and he said he wasn’t happy with the place. And I remember the loud noise that was coming from the next room. My mom talked to one of the CNAs to talk to the next door neighbor to turn down the volume. At that time I could only provide him with some assurance that we will take him away from this place. He wanted to drink some water with ice and my mom provided him water with some ice. His last words were “Kishwer (my mom’s name), will you come back?”.

Unexpected Death

On December 21st, I called after work at approx 4 p.m. and talked with one of the RNs and told her that we want to take our father home for the weekend on Friday Dec 22nd. At approx 8 p.m.the same day (December 21st), we got the call from the facility that my father passed away 24 mins ago. I was numb with shock. However, I was also suspicious as to how he passed away so quickly and unexpectedly at this place. When we reached the memory care, we noticed several peculiar things listed below among others –

1. There was no Nurse on call in Memory care to answer any questions – how he passed away, what really happened etc. The nurse who left a message on my phone was not there either.

2. There was only 1 CNA on duty at night time and when we queried her, she said that my father had a seizure before he passed away. And when we asked her, why didn’t you guys call the family immediately, she had no answer. We asked her if we can see the incident reports and who was on call etc and she didn’t have an answer for that either.

3. I called the RN/Case Manager on December 26th and asked her if she knows how my father passed away and she had no answer either. She told me she was on vacations (!, why didn’t she tell me she was going on vacations when my father just moved recently?). I asked her, if someone from the facility can answer these questions. She gave me 2 phone numbers to call and when I called those two numbers, none of those numbers were affiliated with Copperfield Hill, which is very alarming, suspicious and shady. Thankfully, the conversation got saved on my cell phone which I will post later without identifying the person(s) involved. If a place has such suspicious and shady RNs and workers who lie, you really start to suspect and doubt lots of things. That is why I also took some pictures too which will be posted later.

Other Important Things to Note

1. Please note that most of the gorgeous pics that are provided online are of the Copperfield Hill – Manor (4200 40th Ave N, Robbinsdale, MN, 55422). However, please note that there is also an adjacent building called Copperfield Hill – Lodge (4020 Lakeland Ave N, Robbinsdale, MN, 55422) where memory care is situated and which uses State services and looks nothing like this.

2. The videos of memory care including the one posted below that convinced me initially that this is a great place for my dad were posted long time ago. They were created back in 2011 and most of those people don’t even work there anymore.

Copperfield Hill – Memory Care

3. On further digging I found out that the Copperfield Hill Lodge was blamed for resident’s suicide back in 2014. According to this Star Tribune Article –

Robbinsdale care facility blamed for resident’s suicide

“The resident’s death in his apartment on June 23 at the Lodge at Copperfield Hill occurred because the man “was not adequately assessed prior to readmission from a detox center and … his safety was not properly monitored,” according to results of a Health Department investigation released this week.”

4. I also checked the Copperfield Hill Employee reviews at Indeed and Glassdoor – Working at Copperfield Hill: Employee Reviews | and Copperfield Hill Reviews | Glassdoor and the place got very poor reviews. From these reviews, it looks like the place is understaffed with high turnover rates.

5. Per legal, it is always a good idea to check survey results of Assisted Living/Memory Care facilities performed by Minnesota Department of Health. Here is the link to Survey Results of many Assisted Living Facilities performed by Minnesota Department of Health –

Assisted Living Home Care Provider Survey – Survey Results

I really wanted to spent X-mas and New-Year holidays with my dad. Instead I am sitting here on New Year’s eve grieving and mourning the unexpected loss of my Dad wondering what happened to him on that day.. Ummer Siddique

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