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Chhabili (1960) – Review



Shobhana Pictures’ “Chhabili,” as frivolous as its title suggests, is a light comedy whose sole aim is to entertain.

Produced and directed by Shobhana Samarth, the story, which is set against the backgroup of a luxury liner, tells of the escapades of a teenage stowaway, who boards the ship to escape the monotony of her boarding school. The various passengers, including a notorious smuggler, provide the props for this lively tale.

The script moves at a brisk pace and kudos for this should go to Omkar Saheb, writer of the screenplay, as well as to the writer of the dialogue.

The production values are good and Krishan Saigal’s photography is commendable.

Snehal Bhatkar’s music is adequate, but he would do well to avoid plagiarizing popular western tunes in his future work.

Newcomer Tanuja, another talented offshoot of the Samarth family, steals the show in the pivotal role. She has a flair for comedy and is a welcome addition to the roster of our screen artists.

Nutan impresses as Tanuja’s lovely sister in the film. Kaysi Mehra, another newcomer, who plays the male lead, makes an impressive debut.

K.N. Singh, as the ship’s handsome captain, gets a welcome change from his usual “heavy” roles, while Gulab overacts in her role of the coy smuggler. Iftikhar, Dhawan, Agha, and Helen are satisfactory in the support.

Trivia – Nutan sang in her own voice including two popular duets with Geeta Dutt and Hemant Kumar – Yaroun kisi sai na kehna and Lehroun pe lehar.

Year – 1960

Language – Hindi

Country – India

Producer – Shobhna Pictures

Director – Shobhna Samarth

Music Director – Snehal Bhatkar

Box-Office Status

Cast – Helen, Nutan , Tanuja, Agha , Gulab, Iftekhar, Kaysi Mehra, K. N. Singh, Dhawan

Songs List

Music Director(s)
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