Char Chand (1953) – Review


Year – 1953

Language – Hindi

Country – India

Producer – Fine Art Films

Director – A. Karim

Music Director – Naashad

Box-Office Status

Cast – Bhagwan, Cuckoo, Altaf, Suresh, Shyama, Majnu, Sheikh, G. Rasool, Amir Bano

Miscellaneous Information – Not Available.

Songs List

Music Director(s)
 Ek Din Dasht-e-Mohabbat Se Hua Mera Guzar 
Mubarak Begum, Shivram
Shewan Rizvi
Ek nehin do nehin
Shamshad Begum, Zawar Hussain
Shaukat Dehlvi Nashad
Hai ye wohi aasman
Talat Mahmood
Shaukat Dehalvi Naashad
Main hoon alibaba
Talat Mahmood, Premlata
Shaukat Dehalvi Naashad


ONE of those gay, amusing pictures which derive much of their charm from the obvious enjoyment of their roles by the cast, Fine Art Films’ “Char Chand” entertains.

Based on a theme of mistaken identities, the film skips from one hilarious situation to another to the enjoyment of the players as well as of the audience. Shyama plays a dual role as the stage star in love with a prince who is smitten by her charm and a village belle whose sweetheart is a country bumpkin. The two men are portrayed by Suresh, who plays the Rajkumar, and Bhagwan who swaggers off with the picture in his inimitable way.

When the bumpkin comes to town, is employed by the Rajkumar and later followed by his rustic girl-friend, the misadventures start, go on and reach a happy climax which pairs the right couples off on a “lived happily ever after” note.

Sprinkled with attractive, though hybrid, song-and-dance ensembles, “Char Chand” makes for amusing entertainment. Bhagwan is tops in a role he infuses with charm; his dance sequences are alive with grace, gaiety and rhythm.

Shyama plays her roles well and looks alluring as the rustic girl. Her dancing, however, is not as graceful as her acting. Suresh, Majnu and Shaikh are good as the prince and the two comical goondas who abduct the stage star and the country belle alternately.

The photography, settings and decor are good, notably in the stage-show sequences. While the direction is naive in parts, the film is enjoyable.

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