February 2012

Jane Bond 008 Operation Karachi (1971)

By |February 5th, 2012|

Synopsis –
There is much in common between Jane Bond 008 Operation Karachi and the James Bond movies made in Western countries. Like its prototypes, this movie also starts in Scotland Yard. The central character is a woman instead of man. She (Rakshanda Khattak) is […]

January 2010

Maula Jatt (1979)

By |January 4th, 2010|

There is no need to go into the story, a gandasa, a howling musical note, fits of staccato laughter and the dialogue are the only things you need to savour the very essence of Maula Jatt. Memorably scripted by Nasir Adib, and directed with […]

September 2009

Yeh Wada Raha (2003)

By |September 13th, 2009|

After missing from action for a considerable time director Sangeeta is back with her latest film Yeh Wada Raha. Coming from Sangeeta, Yeh Wada Raha was one of the much-awaited films of the […]

Salakhain (2004)

By |September 13th, 2009|

The key to creating a successful movie lies in good execution or at least Shehzad Rafiq seems to believe so. For his directorial debut Salakhain, he has chosen and utilized his locations and sets quite sensibly. His props, more often than […]

Manila key Jasoos (2002)

By |September 13th, 2009|

The tension between India and Pakistan has not only preoccupied politicians and generals but showbiz has tapped into it as well. Several films across the border were launched that contained poisonous propaganda against our country. The sole aim probably was merely to make the […]