December 2009


By |December 27th, 2009|

His career spanned a mere decade, from 1973-1983. But female hearts fluttered aplenty during those ten eventful years! Shahid was the Don Juan of the Pakistani film industry during the 1970s. Like the quintessential star of that era, his off camera antics were almost […]

Nighat Sultana

By |December 26th, 2009|

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Characters that are born on the celluloid breathe amongst people. Otherwise, they die young! If you have watched Hasan Tariq’s classic, Neend, from 1959, you would have noticed a young prostitute in the scenes from the coalminer’s colony, […]

Nasima Khan

By |December 26th, 2009|

The dreamy vision of the 1950s and the 1960s was something that truly inspired artistes to venture forth into the fold. They came from all walks of life, not just the bazaar, as is the case today. Nayyar Sultana, Jamila Razzaq, Shamim Bano and […]


By |December 26th, 2009|

Flamboyant girls in printed fabrics have been more than a few in every industry. And Lollywood has had its share of them, too. Amongst those, Mahpara was a prominent addition in the mid- ‘60s, who was a dusky damsel of delightful proportion!

Mahapara was fortunate […]

Meena Chaudhary

By |December 25th, 2009|

Song and dance is the part and parcel of cinema. All pretty young things come to the industry with the wish to, sooner or later, do the lead role in the films. So was the case with Meena Chaudhary, a sweet starlet with a […]

Emmy Minwala

By |December 25th, 2009|

Real Name – Emmy Minwala

Profession – Actress (Dancer)

Active Years – 1950s – 1970s

Nationality – Pakistani

Religion – Parsi (later converted to Islam after marrying Hassan Tariq)

Ethnicity – Parsi

Date of Birth –

Date of Death –

Debut Film – Sohni (1955)

Last Film –

Significant others in the […]


By |December 25th, 2009|

Rozina’s very name illicit strange ambiguity. Was the name and career posited for top heroine doom; supporting role mediocrity; vamp role status; western slapstick side parts; or eastern demureness? Actually Rozina’s movie career encompassed all of these cinematic spheres but never reached any great […]

Asha Mathur

By |December 19th, 2009|

Both Asha Mathur and Bina Roy were introduced by Kishore Sahu in Kali Ghata (1951). While Bina Roy was relatively more successful among the two and did some memorable movies including Anarkali (1953) and Taj Mahal (1963), Asha Mathur was relegated to obscure mythical […]

Bina Roy – Obituary

By |December 13th, 2009|

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Bina Roy, best known for her roles in films like Anarkali (1953) and Taj Mahal (1963), passed away in Mumbai on December 6, 2009 following a cardiac arrest.

Bina Roy was born Krishna Sarin on July 13, 1932 in […]

Omar Sharif (1931 – )

By |December 12th, 2009|

Omar al-Sharif was born Michel Dimitri Shalhoub, to an Alexandrian family of Lebanese descent. He was discovered by director Yusef Chahine, who cast him in three films: Sira’afil-Wadi (Feud in the Valley, 1953), Shaytan al-Sahara (The Desert Devil, 1954), and Sira’a fil-Mina (Feud in […]