January 2010

S.M. Yousuf

By |January 6th, 2010|

Amongst those film makers who resurrected social values through their positive exposure on the silver screen, the name of S.M. Yousuf will remain amongst the top ten Muslim directors in the sub continent. He not only concentrated on eastern values and their positive aspects, […]

S. Suleman

By |January 6th, 2010|

A lot of cine-goers might be oblivious to the fact that S. Suleman began his film career, before partition, as an actor (child star) in a film called Doosri Shadi. The movie was directed by Ram Aryani. In 1948, the director-to-be played a very […]

Agha G.A. Gul

By |January 6th, 2010|

Amongst the families, which have worked diligently at keeping the film industry on consistent ground, the Gul family must rate the topmost in any event. Agha G. A. Gul, the true mentor and doyen of the industry, stands towering over others of his ilk […]

November 2009

W.Z. Ahmed

By |November 13th, 2009|

W.Z. Ahmed, 91, one of the most outstanding film directors of the subcontinent, passed away at a local hospital on April 15, 2007. He was suffering from an infection of the lung. He was laid to rest at the Bagh-i-Rehmat graveyard on Monday afternoon.

After […]

Zia Sarhady

By |November 10th, 2009|

Zia was a Hindi-Urdu director and scenarist. He was Peshawar (now Pakistan) born like Prithviraj, Raj Kapoor, and Dilip Kumar. He started his film career in 1933, assisting non-Urdu speaking directors and artistes with East India Film at Calcutta. Soon he moved to Sagar […]


By |November 8th, 2009|

In an era ruled by Waheed Murad, Mohammad Ali and later Nadeem, Rahman was the only Bengali actor-director to rule the box office with his romantic-musical films in the former West Pakistan film industry.

Born Abdur Rahman on February 27, 1937, in erstwhile East […]

Pervez Malik

By |November 8th, 2009|

It began in those days when the Pakistani nation had newly earned its freedom — and that included the freedom to dream, which is something which we seem to be forfeiting voluntarily these days. Pervez was nine years old when Pakistan was born. His […]


By |November 8th, 2009|

Luqman was one of the major directors from the early years of Pakistani cinema. Luqman’s passion for films was so great that he ran off to Bombay to go into movies. He was hired there as a painter, then worked as a bit player, […]


By |November 7th, 2009|

Sangeeta was the most startling discovery of the 1970s, as the director of Society Girl (1976). Sangeeta and her family belong to Karachi. When she began her career, she had been introduced by Rehman, in Milan (1964), a film made in Bangladesh. After that, […]

September 2009

Waheed Murad

By |September 28th, 2009|

Born to a successful film distributor/producer, Nisar Murad, on October 2, 1938 in Karachi, and educated at the Marie Calaco School, Waheed graduated in arts from S.M. Arts College in Karachi and then obtained a Master’s degree in English Literature from the Karachi University. […]