January 2013

Leena Chandavarkar with her first husband Siddarth Bandodkar

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Kamlabai Kamat (Gokhale) photographed in her later years on January 31, 1995

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Kamlabai Kamat (Gokhale) with her first child Lalaji

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December 2012

Madhubala on the sets of Bombai Ka Babu (1960)

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November 2012

Raza Murad with his father Murad (1996)

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Suraiya and her family with Frank Capra

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Arjun and Shammi in Malhar (1951)

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Who says our film industry is not progressing?

Asha Bhosle, Sulakshana Pandit and Hemant Bhosle (1976)

By |November 11th, 2012|

Hemant Bhosle recording a song for an unreleased film “Yaari Ho Gai Yaar Se” with mother Asha Bhosle and Sulakshana Pandit (1976)

Nalini Jaywant – Postcard

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Pradeep Kumar and Vyjayanthimala in unnamed production

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The gold old tonga in which the horse never looked back and never cared what people did at its wrong end is an ideal conveyance for new lovers. In the modern taxi the driver has a little mirror to watch the career of romance […]