November 2016

Nutan – Self-Portrait

By |November 26th, 2016|

A few words my mother wrote on my autograph book when I was a little girl have made me what I am today. They were words of wisdom.

“Always keep away from three things – Jealousy, dissatisfaction and complexes, and you will be happy all […]

Behind the Screen – Music Director C. Ramchandra

By |November 20th, 2016|

THE young man had been on the fringe of screen acting and was making a bid to get firmly entrenched in it. But a film maker did not like his face, another was derisive of his inability to ride a horse or a motor-cycle. […]

Jayshree’s Come-Back

By |November 12th, 2016|

“I am now like a bird set free from its cage and am delighted to work in various films as a free lance artiste”, observed Jayshree, former wife of V. Shantaram, the ace producer-director-actor, in he course of an interesting chat with me the […]

Mehboob Khan – From Poverty to Screen Fame

By |November 5th, 2016|

Many of you have seen and appreciated ‘Mother India’ cannot fail to marvel at the genius of its creator, Mehboob Khan. How many of you know that he has risen to great heights as a movie magnate from the dire depths of poverty and […]

Uma Devi – Interview

By |November 1st, 2016|

Uma Devi come to the film industry almost four decades ago, as a playback singer. Yet, you could not classify her under a playback singer so easily either. For here was a staunchly determined youngster, straight from the village who insisted upon singing for […]

October 2016

Achala Sachdev – Memories

By |October 30th, 2016|

I have never really been happy. I have grasped at happiness. Pain and unhappiness have dominated my life but I treated them as assets. I was a very unwanted child since I was the fourth daughter. And in Punjabi families, a male heir is […]

Motilal – Film Life After Fifty!

By |October 30th, 2016|

“How’s film-life after fifty?” The question is apt, but apter still is the rollicking answer provided by the veteran Motilal, “Well, after fifty, life in films holds out the promise of a new epoch in your career. For me, it is buoyant, bristling and […]

Shekhar – Interview

By |October 29th, 2016|

A handsome and popular actor of four years’ standing, Shekhar is a charming young man with an easy, polished manner and poised naturalness which are far more attractive in real life than on the screen.

About five feet eight inches tall, with a shock of […]

Actor’s Angle… by Dev Anand

By |October 21st, 2016|

I have been asked to write on the actor’s angle. Photographically speaking, it means his profile, a three-quarters presentation or a flat, front view of his features. When you discuss the actor’s angle with a cameraman, he will immediately speak in these terms of […]

Vyjayanthimala – Down Memory Lane…

By |October 16th, 2016|

MEMORIES. . . can one ever recall them all, or can one ever forget them all?

To remember only the happy ones is easier said than done. Because memories, good and bad, are an integral part of oneself.

I was reading once that memory is pure […]