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Bollywood – Dutt’s the Spirit


Sanjay Dutt

As Sanjay Dutt excitedly awaits the release of Knock Out and the birth of his twins, he tells Neeraja Murthy about films and tweets

Films change, but not Sanjay Dutt. The lovable tapori doctor Munnabhai who wowed the audiences with his dose of jaadoo ki jhappi is getting ready with a new prescription. His new movie Knock Out, written and directed by Mani Shankar, is set for an October 15 release.

Asked if he’s excited or nervous about the film, Dutt says: “I am quite excited.” Director Mani Shankar, sitting besides him, chips in: “An actor of Sanjay’s stature , who’s been in the industry for 30 years, cannot be nervous.” Interviewing Sanjay Dutt is not easy as the actor is extremely diffident, and prefers not to talk about himself. Terming Knock Out a commercial thriller, Dutt says: “The movie is fast-paced. It is a complete package — with good dialogues and screenplay.” The movie jams high on technology. While Dutt plays a lone ranger, Irrfan Khan, a street-smart investment banker, gives him company.

About the role, Dutt says: “When Mani narrated the script, I was raring to go. After the first day of the shoot, I realised I was doing the most difficult thing — I had to imagine Irrfan Khan was in front of me, and deliver dialogues without seeing him and his reactions. Acting means participating, and it was tough to visualise and perform.”

Considering that his method of acting is pretty defined, Dutt’s preparation for the movie was no different from what he’s been doing. “I am not an actor who goes through his scripts, and broods over a role for months. I am more of a director’s actor, and believe in his / her characterisation. I like to mould a role in the way the director wants,” he says.

Ask him about his twitter experience, and Dutt looks thrilled. “I got into twitter to reach out to my fans, because I heard it was a great place to connect with the audience. I am not too net-savvy, so, I just log in once a week, and keep posting.”

On the personal front, there is double joy awaiting him — wife Maanyata is pregnant with twins.

On the professional front, his plate is full. He is doing Rajkumar Santoshi’s Power, Munnabhai 3, No Problem and a film under his home production – Neeraja Murthy

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