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Bina Roy – Premnath

Premnath and Bina Roy

Premnath was a dashing young man, slim, smart and handsome. He was liked by cinegoers in films like Sagai, Buzdil, Naujawan, Barsat, Saqi, Dard-e-Dil, in which he appeared as a hero opposite top-ranking heroines of those days.

The first movie in which he was paired with Bina Rai was Aurat (1953), a Bollywood version of the tragic Biblical tale of Samson and Delilah. Aurat, however, was not a box-office sensation, but in this film Cupid had shot his arrows well. Premnath fell head over heels in love with Bina Rai. They married and soon set up their own production unit, known as P.N. Films.

The first offering of this concern was Shagufa (1954) with Premnath and Bina Rai in the lead. The starry-eyed lovers of Aurat had pinned high hopes on their first independent venture. But Shagufa was a none-event in the annals of Hindi filmdom. The cinegoers rejected it. Neither Bina Rai’s elfin charm nor Premnath’s sensitive portrayal of the role of a doctor could save Shagufa from being a flop. And the films that followed Shagufa — Prisoner of Golconda, Samunder and Watan — suffered a worse fate. Thus the Premnath-Bina Rai pairing never clicked on the screen.

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