Asad Jaffrey


Asad Jaffrey

It was in the early 1950’s that a handsome Youngman met the busy bee director, Hassan Tariq, who was working on his all-time great movie, Neend. In the very first assessment, the top director found his face expressive. He seemed somebody out of the short stories of 1940’s. An unshaven face, dreamy eyes, and a seemingly quiet disposition. The chap was perfect film material but Hassan Tariq’s problem was that he had no role for him in Neend. Therefore, he told Asad Jaffrey to wait for sometime. But, as time progressed, one day, during the shooting of a scene in the coal-miner slums, he found that the Youngman he had selected for the bit role of a daily-wager graduate was inadequate. In the scene, Nighat Sultana, the slum prostitute, stops the graduate and asks for alms on the pretext that her mother is dying of illness. It was an emotional scene. Hasan Tariq recalled that good-looking Youngman he had met, and sent for him. So, Asad Jaffrey did that role and did it so well, with good expressions, that he walked into the industry and stayed on for another thirty-five to forty years.

He had a squeaky voice that didn’t support him as a villain, when he was tried in such a role in Hassan Tariq’s Devar Bhabi. However, Asad Jaffrey continued to play interesting comic roles in the productions of Kamal and Hasan Tariq. His hit movies include Devar Bhabi, Badnam, Josh and others. He remained in the industry till the 1970’s. But hardly appeared in the films during the 1980’s.

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