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Anjuman in Sher Khan (1981)


Anjuman in Sher Khan (1981)
Wajahat Attre, who passed away recently on May 26th, 1981, was the 2nd most prolific music director in Pakistani films. With the decline in the production of Urdu films by early 1980s, music directors have no other choice other than to compose music for Punjabi films. 1980s was the time when the film industry became a “One Man” film industry ruled by Sultan Raahi. And the team of Sultan Raahi (hero), Anjuman (heroine), Musafa Qureshi (Villain) with music composed by Wajahat Attre and songs sung by Noor Jehan almost guaranteed box-office success.

In my personal opinion the quality of his music is nowhere near the music composed by his father Rashid Attre (late) in 1950s and 1960s, but the tunes are very catchy and remain very popular.

“Tu je mere hamesha col rahwey” is a very popular song composed by Wajahat Attre for Punjabi film Sher Khan (1981) picturized on Anjuman.

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