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Anita Guha – The Autograph I Didn’t Sign


Anita Guha – My Most Embarrassing Moment

I WAS returning from Borivli with some friends after a picnic. To move freely like the others I was in burqa and was travelling by train. Reaching Khar station, we hired a big private taxi to get room for all. I dropped everybody at their respective homes and reached my own home alone. I paid the fare and while I was coming out of the car, the following conversation took place between the driver and myself:

“You live in this building?” the driver asked.


“Anita Guha lives here also. You know her?”

“Of course..”

“Will you do me a favor? I am her fan, a great fan of hers. Will you please get me her autograph? I can wait..”

I felt proud and flattered. I said: “I am Anita Guha. Give me a pencil, I will let you have the autograph…”

The man burst out into laughter and sar-castically replied, “If you are Anita Guha, then I am Dilip Kumar…” He moved off in his car, leaving me embarrassed.

I realized afterwards that in the excitement I forgot to lift my veil.

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