Andaleeb in Mohabbat (1972)
Andaleeb in Mohabbat (1972)

In the midst of stars, Pakistani cinema in the ’60s and the 70s was wonderful enough to bring on noticeable young faces, which enchanted people all over the country. Nasira, Tarannum, Tamanna, Sultan Rahi, Badar Munir, Akmal, Zamarrud, Albela, Ali Ejaz, Najma, Nazli, Durdana Rehman and many others started in smaller roles. But, most of them became known stars and superstars. Amongst those girls, who were noted for their style was a polished and charming starlet called Andaleeb.

Andaleeb was a typical biz crazy girl in her teens, who began her trek in the 1960s, and after working on the school stage and tableau presentations, made her way into television. Those were the days when stunning artistes like Sahar Siddiqui, Zaheen Tahira and Neelofar Aleem were creating great impressions on viewers. In those days, a well known TV producer, Mohsin Shirazi was making a most hilarious skit show, called Gar Too Bura Na Maney. He noted the characteristic face of this girl, whose expressions seemed to stand out, and gave her a few smaller roles. But, Mohsin Shirazi had selected Andaleeb mentally for the film he was making, Badal Aur Bijli, with Nadeem and Shabnam, which had quite a few known PTV artistes in it, like Mehmood Ali, Qazi Wajid, Shakeel and others. Actor Sajan, our own Sajjad Ali’s father, was in a villain’s role. Andaleeb was in many important scenes of the film. But, before this, she had played roles in a few other movies.

In those days, the film industry was full of fresh faces. Amongst those were Tarannum, Farah Jalal, Talat Hussain, Tariq Aziz, Shabbo (Nisho’s sister), Ambar (Zarqa’s sister), Ali Raza (Sangeeta’s brother), Agha Sajjad (TV actress Saman Agha’s father), Reena, Fakhira Sharif (Babra’s elder sister), Hanif, Ada (Zamarrud’s sister), Zooni Butt etc. So, Andaleeb began her trek with slow and steady footsteps.

In Parvez Malik’s Saughat, in 1970, which had the atmosphere of the Indian movie, Pyasa, Andaleeb had a noticeable role, opposite Nadeem and Rozina. In those days, Rozina was regularly tried as the female lead in films like Saughat, Rim Jhim, Saza and others, so another glamour girl, Andaleeb was brought in, and it was immediately after this film that she got popular as a mod squad vamp. The way Andaleeb carried herself, with that glitzy purse in her hand, and the way she wore those big pocket 1960s frock coat suits, was something to behold. She perfectly characterized that upper middle class girl, who’d want to be the cynosure of every eye. A film maker was making a lighthearted adventure, Hasina Kya Chahey, with Deeba in the central role. And the picnic party had a glitzy girl called Andaleeb. It was her bad luck that the film never got completed

In 1972 S. Suleman screened his sterling socio-romantic picture, Mohabbat, which presented a scenario of the typical upper-middle `60s household. Mohammad Ali and Zeba played similar met lost met again pair, with Ali Bhai playing that responsible and warm hearted individual from the house, who gets involved with a poor girl. Santosh Kumar had a vital role in the film, while Sabiha was also there. The perennial problem surfaces, and his fiancĂ©e, Andaleeb enters the scene. This, of course, complicates things. Andaleeb takes her marriage to Ali for granted and her snobbish behavior puts Ali off. In this film, Nisar Bazmi composed a super hit number, sung well by Tahira Syed, titled Yeh mehfil jo aaj saji hai, Iss mehfil main hai koi hum sa, Hum sa ho to samne aaey. The song of that film, that thrilling song and Andaleeb’s high heeled sensual portrait made her the talk of tinsel town.

After this success, Andaleeb should have been showered with offers. This did not happen. The reasons could be many, but one of the reasons could be that no heroine would want to be shelved by a vamp, who takes more marks than her! The same year, Andaleeb had another fine portrayal in Fareed Ahmed’s Suhag, with Nadeem and Shamim Ara. The film was produced by Shamim Ara, and she is known for promoting new girls, which made her give an important role to Andaleeb. The film didn’t do as well as Mohabbat, but Andaleeb still got some films. Badal Aur Bijli, of which we have talked earlier, came in 1973, but did not earn at the box office. After two flops added to her lot, Andaleeb wasn’t given the attention she deserved. She receded into oblivion after the advent of the eighties (Source – Mag The Weekly – Karachi)

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