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Aik Gunah Aur (2005) – Review


Aik Gunah Aur (2005) – Review

Aik Gunah Aur features Meera right after her Indian Film debut but that doesn’t stop it from following the formula and the story is based on the life and times of a nawab’s illegitimate daughter who is adopted by a Madam of infamous Red Light area. As the little girl starts to grow it is clear that she is destined to be a beauty. The tamashbins start to covet Kehkashan (Meera) but she shows more interest in a guitarist (Farukh). This perturbs her adopted mother who shows her disgust and disdain for Farukh. She would rather see her daughter performing in mujras and raking in the money. A film producer offers Kehkashan a leading role in his film, and naturally that turns out to be mega hit. Maria (Veena Malik) is jealous over the popularity of Kehkshan so she decides to wreck revenge on her. In this regard she consoles Farukh and launches her own project. The intimacy between Farukh and Maria is now really a test case for Kehkshan. Both claim Farukh to be their true love and grapple to win him over. Farukh loves Kehkshan from the core of heart, but Maria cannot accept Farukh’s bewafai so on the request of Kehkshan’s father she sacrifices her life paving the way for Kehkshan and Farukh’s marriage.

     But one cannot understand why the Red Light subject continues to influence Lollywood writer/directors. It is the age of science and technology and new psychological developments. The world and cinema’s demands have changed radically but nothing can change the way Lollywood thinks. Frankly speaking all Lollywood needs to retire, and new talent has to be allowed in if we are to have a film industry.

     The director Altaf Hussain has more than 50 films on his credit, but what can a director do when his hands are tied in several ways e.g. three sifarshi actors and the tight budget of the film. Some flaws can be noticed in direction but overall he did better than Pervaiz Rana or Masood Butt. A production in a limited budget is a tough task from the start. Every department for example costumes, sets, developing of film, advertisement needs a fair budget and due attention. That’s the reason the poor photography of this film leaves bad impression. In those days Meera was fully engrossed in working in Indian movies and even when she was on the set her entire concentration was on getting away to Bombay for the filming of Nazar. Once when hard working choreographer Pappu Samrat was rehearsing and drawing her attention to the required dance movements Meera paid such scant interest to the proceedings that the director was offended enough to snub her and say, "Madam jee. batein choro aur apney kaam ki tarf tawajo karo" . (Madam, stop talking big and concentrate on the work in hand). Saud was hardly any better putting in a mechanical performance with a perennial flat facial expression.

     However, viewers will applaud Veena Malik’s role that outclassed Meera in every way. In the picture she met with several fluctuating situations but successfully managed to deliver all the required expressions. In future one can expect her to take on the role of the solo heroine. By banking on the theory that sex will sell both Meera and Veena are dressed scantily and perform in many explicit scenes but such overt display has a dual effect as women then boycott the film and naturally any film that cannot bring women to the cinema halls shall meet with failure.

     The best part of the film is its music by M. Arshad. The songs are pleasantly melodious, not a single song is an Indian copy. Sun merey sajna, tu hi mera jeevan hey is heart catching and picturized rather well. Overall the picture can be rated C but it paves the way for forthcoming Urdu flicks, Naag aur Nagin, Terey bin Jiya na Jaye and Koi Tujh Sa Kahan M. Saeed Awan

Cast and Production Credits

Year – 2005, Genre – Drama, Country – Pakistan, Language – Urdu, Producer – N/A, Director – Altaf Hussain, Music Director – M. Arshad, Cast – Meera, Moammar Rana, Veena Malik, Saud

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