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Aakhri Dao (1958) – Review

Aakhri Dao (1958)
5.3Rating: 5.3 / 10 from 9 usersMetascore: N/A

Sometimes a story comes along that makes no pretensions to seriousness, that offers no reason for existence other than to entertain, to coax a little smile. On that basis, we take it immediately to our hearts. Such a story is “Aakhri Dao”, a rip-roaring comedy of the effervescence of youth.

Two young men work in a garage; one very estimable, played by Shekhar, and the other decidedly raffish, played by Johnny Walker. They are as happy as any two young fellows can be without love and money. The trouble starts when Johnny tries to help himself to a slice of the world’s fortune by selling Shekhar as a husband to a rich merchant’s daughter.

Shekhar borrows a car and careers happily towards his prospective bride, keeping a weather eye open on the way for interesting bits of femininity. He catches something by a lamp-post, slams on the brakes and shoots head over heels into love. The lady in question (Nutan), impressed with his car, and seeming air of prosperity, tries to borrow a large sum of money. Shekhar magnanimously agrees to give it to her, then picks a pocket to get it. He goes to jail, of course, but what do a few months matter at the magic age of twenty-five, and all for love!

This is the first time that the suave Shekhar has been cast in a funny role, and his slick comedy is in smooth counterpoint to the wild antics of Johnny Walker. Nutan puts over a heart-warming performance in an insignificant role. Shubha Khote as the washerwoman comes through well in a light-weight role, with just the right promise of hidden talent. Minu Mumtaz and Shammi are sufficiently rowdy and restrained to keep the story bouncing merrily along.

The other members of the cast who make an impression are Jeevan, Nazir Hussain, Kamal Kapoor, Badri Prasad and Leela Misra.

Leaning on the sure talents of the irrepressible Johnny Walker, and with a few well-placed hits by music director Madan Mohan, Director Mahesh Kaul has skillfully whipped up a frothy piece of frivolity.

Year – 1958

Language – Hindi

Country – India

Producer – Movie Stars

Director – Mahesh Kaul

Music Director – Madan Mohan

Box-Office Status

Cast – Badri Prasad, Nutan, Shekhar, Minoo Mumtaz, Shammi, Shobha Khote, Jeevan, Nazir Hussain, Kamal Kapoor, Leela Misra, Tuntun, Bhudo Advani, Johnny Walker

Miscellaneous Information – Not Available.

Songs List

SongYearSingersMusic DirectorLyricist(s)
Haay Unkee Woh Nigaahein Dil Dekhe Jiskee Raahein1958Asha BhosleMadan MohanMajrooh Sultanpuri
Hamsafar Saath Apnaa Chhod Chale1958Madan MohanMadan MohanMajrooh Sultanpuri
Hamsafar Saath Apnaa Chhod Chale1958Asha Bhosle, Mohd. Rafi & ChorusMadan MohanMajrooh Sultanpuri
Idhar To Haath Laa Pyaare Dikhaaoon Din Ko Bhee Taare1958Mohd. RafiMadan MohanMajrooh Sultanpuri
Na Dar Sanam Lagaa Bhee Le, Ki Teree Zindagee Kaa Hai Ye Aakhree Dao1958Asha BhosleMadan MohanMajrooh Sultanpuri
Too Hee Aa Ke Sambhaal Ise Ye Dil Mere1958Asha BhosleMadan MohanMajrooh Sultanpuri
Tujhe Kyaa Sunaaoon Main Dilrubaa Tere Saamane Meraa Haal Hai1958Mohd. RafiMadan MohanMajrooh Sultanpuri
Woh Chand Muskaya Ye Taare Sharmaaye1958Lata Mangeshkar & Manna DeyMadan MohanMajrooh Sultanpuri
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